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Zoey Hulse
this song is awsome i love it :)
Comment from : Zoey Hulse

Pamela Camp
sorry katelynn it is from divergent
Comment from : Pamela Camp

Pamela Camp
katelynn leanch it is not from divergent
Comment from : Pamela Camp

melody mix
"we are all misfits living in a world on fire." 

Comment from : melody mix

I love this song! It's so inspirational! <3
Comment from : LadyGravity129

Great song
Comment from : Lorrainekiller666

Love this video I love this song and Love Kelly
Comment from : sloane

Jasmine stepside1959
and I've been bullied and this made me cry btw that goes to the 49 dislikers
Comment from : Jasmine stepside1959

Jasmine stepside1959
I love this song I was singing it over and over again
Comment from : Jasmine stepside1959

Grace McQuaid
This songs words are so catchy
Comment from : Grace McQuaid

debbie piersaint
Comment from : debbie piersaint

Tiffany Nguyen
Love the song, love the lyrics, love the background, love the singer. Awesome!
Comment from : Tiffany Nguyen

Strawberry Cupcake

Comment from : Strawberry Cupcake

Fire In The Sky
Here's to the 44 people who disliked, ever been bullied? Well it's not fun, you heartless souls.
Comment from : Fire In The Sky

dora deleon
Trátala love tenis Song it stuck in my head
Comment from : dora deleon

Mary Jane
@Hiroshi Mashiba  ♥
Comment from : Mary Jane

Lizzy V
I love this vidoe

Comment from : Lizzy V

Amber Kindpaws
anybody have a download link for the background? Thanks! :D
Comment from : Amber Kindpaws

Anna Eagar
I just luv luv luv this song!!!!!
Comment from : Anna Eagar

Maria Ungson
One of the few songs that say true things about life...
Comment from : Maria Ungson

ella sontiago
Kelly Clarkson sing beautiful
Comment from : ella sontiago

Georgina Bolton
Wow, I don't know how I've never heard this song before but its great!!! ♥
Comment from : Georgina Bolton

Aryandini Septia mawardah
i love to se people like us
Comment from : Aryandini Septia mawardah

NAB gamergirl
The song reminds me of Lindee link's song mirror mirror
Comment from : NAB gamergirl

This is my new theme song ^^ love it!
Comment from : rubythecat953

jenessa Atkinson
This somehow reminds me of scientists experimenting.
Comment from : jenessa Atkinson

Rachel Lu
love this song!
Comment from : Rachel Lu

Onya Powers
This song represents divergent completely tris, Tobias, etc. fit perfect with this song so does the story:)
Comment from : Onya Powers

Katelynn Leach
Divergent ^^
Comment from : Katelynn Leach

Madelynne Jayne
It's like all songs now have to do with flames and fire!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Madelynne Jayne

Aboubacarr Sinera
Comment from : Aboubacarr Sinera

Emily Night
41 people are not like us
Comment from : Emily Night

Hershey TheChocoLab
Love this song

Sing it for the people like us, the people like us...

I was depressed and this song made me feel so much better!

Comment from : Hershey TheChocoLab

Amber Kindpaws
what's der background? ^^
Comment from : Amber Kindpaws

Jacey Ampora-Captor
My little sister and I love this song :3
Comment from : Jacey Ampora-Captor

mk velas
There’s a mountain before you
One you feel you can never climb
The distance is frightening,
but I know you can make it to the other side
If only you try

I’ve seen the strength
that you carry inside
I’ve seen the will, the passion
the fight in your eyes
I’ve witnessed your ambition
I know you can do it one more time

You can do anything
You can be anyone
You can be happy, too
But first you must believe
in the power of you

You’re powerful,
valuable, beautiful and brave
And I know that you know
you can make it through tomorrow
if you can get through today;
I will be there for you
every step of the way
Dedicate to you boo
Don't worry am with you & god is guiding us...I love you

Comment from : mk velas

Defita Gouzawfzky
People like us.. :)
Comment from : Defita Gouzawfzky

Victoria Barker
Love this song
Comment from : Victoria Barker

janeen quinata

Comment from : janeen quinata

CHEYENNE Addington
I love this song:-)
Comment from : CHEYENNE Addington

I love this song so much! I was depressed one day when I had come home from school and my friend showed me this song and it made me feel better. THIS SONG HAS MAGICAL POWERS :D
Comment from : Shy2Infinity

Atty Truscott
Good song Kelly Clarkson


Comment from : Atty Truscott

lola levy
Heres to the damned the lost and forgotten the people like us........I guess 36 people don't like the people like us......lol love this song so much :-)
Comment from : lola levy

35 people aren't like us.... we are the 1,346 that are different.
Comment from : ~Moonstar-Productions~

Michelle Mendenhall
Me and my chicka's used to sing this song when we i was in drug and alcohol treatment. We are all misfits living in a world on fire!!!!
Comment from : Michelle Mendenhall

it reminds me of V for Vendetta
Comment from : kittyfleas

Awesome love this song
Comment from : emowerewolf1345

jackie hernandez
Comment from : jackie hernandez

Zara Morgan
Comment from : Zara Morgan

Zara Morgan
Thumbs up if this could be a Hunger Games song? Or if u think it is a AWSOME inspirational song! Dmt worry kids who get bullied, u will find the guts to get the back <3<3<3!!!!
Comment from : Zara Morgan

hey i like this song your my number one
Comment from : gianna4575

Juan Cervantes
I'm the 1,203 people to like this song yay
Comment from : Juan Cervantes

Jazmin Salgado
She is strong and I love her voice. I don't care how many dislikes or how many people don't like her cuz I am still gonna listen to her songs. Kelly, you rock!
Comment from : Jazmin Salgado

Jazmin Salgado
I love Kelly Clarkson. She is amazing!
Comment from : Jazmin Salgado

Fabiana Bravo
This is my fave song
Comment from : Fabiana Bravo

Sophia Rosa
Finally an amazing song that is not a LOVE SONG:)
Comment from : Sophia Rosa

Lex B
Im the 1,137th person to like this song! YAY!
Comment from : Lex B

mark rivera
Comment from : mark rivera

Molli Gill
Now 31.
Comment from : Molli Gill

Sparkly Things
Now 29.
Comment from : Sparkly Things

Sparkly Things
That's so sad. My brother is autistic and it gets really annoying when I have to fight bullies away. Why do people have to be so close-minded when people aren't their exact replica? It's times like this where I'm not all that proud to call myself a human.
Comment from : Sparkly Things

Sparkly Things
So I'm not the only person who thinks that! Finally, someone who reads my mind.
Comment from : Sparkly Things

Sparkly Things
I'm the 1,095th person. :P Totally awesome right?
Comment from : Sparkly Things

Kay Elliott
Yes mam
Comment from : Kay Elliott

@rachelsteel I know exactly what ur going through...I'm autistic too...
Comment from : DesireeRiveraXoXo

Brittany Carreno
I love it
Comment from : Brittany Carreno

Steph Brie
I love this song our school conrady.... We r going to dance to this song
Comment from : Steph Brie

Josephine Hovda
Comment from : Josephine Hovda

kayla mounsey
I agree with her! Kelly is so right; I think
Comment from : kayla mounsey

sabrina williams
Comment from : sabrina williams

Natrisha Justin
I loooooooove this song
Comment from : Natrisha Justin

im the 1021st person to like this o_O
Comment from : Dynamite

Spring Auger
this is so awesome she is an amazing songwriter I love Kelly Clarkson
Comment from : Spring Auger

Jana May
No, attention seeker
Comment from : Jana May

Yoshikins Shard
I'm the 1000th like -- the 1000th person like us c:
Comment from : Yoshikins Shard

amazing song
Comment from : Taylah

Comment from : mdzx

kayla lewis
this song should be in catching fire!!!! It's just perfect for the hunger games series!!!!!!!!
Comment from : kayla lewis

Comment from : zeBrowni

Savanna Henderson
the ppl like us the ppl like us! :D Stay strong everyone who wish to rebel against the ones who wish to squash our origonality! :D sometimes i feel like teachers say "you have to do this EXACTLY this way" or "you can ONLY do it this way" why? if i can shine like the shooting star i am why not? STAY STRONG! :D
Comment from : Savanna Henderson

Stay strong!
Comment from : Blockofwater

Doris Walker2016
She is a very goood artist woth great song she sings from the bottom of her heart ans that's wats up!!!!!
Comment from : Doris Walker2016

Rachel Steele
This song is perfect for Autistic ppl coz they get bullied a lot I shud know coz I'm Autistic
Comment from : Rachel Steele

Ali ingram
People like us! Here's to the damned to the lost and forgotten! It's hard to get high when ur living on bottom!!! Love this song for evs!!!!! <3
Comment from : Ali ingram

Lucky Strike
Uhh... sure. Continue to try and troll Potterheads. Have a nice day!
Comment from : Lucky Strike

Emily horan
I hold my head up high for everyone i love!
Comment from : Emily horan

Keyah Reed
Comment from : Keyah Reed

Heather Godbout
can I get random thumbs?
Comment from : Heather Godbout

Bia Cardoso
now 23
Comment from : Bia Cardoso

destiny st.pierre
Describes my life
Comment from : destiny st.pierre

Comment from : NotAndromeda

Keyah Reed
in love wit this song
Comment from : Keyah Reed

Keyah Reed
Comment from : Keyah Reed

kaleigh rawley
Love the background
Comment from : kaleigh rawley

Marisa Kelly
I know,right!
Comment from : Marisa Kelly

Marisa Kelly
This song says everthing
Comment from : Marisa Kelly

now 21 people are not like us
Comment from : NotAndromeda

Ashley Webster
your opinion, but wizards like me say differently... we'll stick together, people like us.:) no hard feelings, but hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home, i'll be waiting for you.;) have a nice afternoon!
Comment from : Ashley Webster

daisy vanessa nava virelas
im gonna sing this song in the talent shoe and my lil sisters bday
Comment from : daisy vanessa nava virelas

20 dislikes u guys are haters and people dat r missin out u guys stup
Comment from : ItsNikki

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