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The Watcher
Before anyone points it out,
Technically the title should be
Negative Man "Not" Singing in a Karaoke 😂😂

Comment from : The Watcher

Tokyo Soisku
This scene makes me cry cuz its so powerfull
Comment from : Tokyo Soisku

pedro villardelasheras
Es una canción estupenda a igual que la serie, te ríes con ella sorprenderá la cantidad de desvarío que tiene la serie creo que van a empezar a hacer la segunda temporada,People like us-- we gotta stick together---keep your head up---nothing lasts forever....
Comment from : pedro villardelasheras

Pradeep Gangwar
I love this show
Comment from : Pradeep Gangwar

Ok But
Also if anyone wants to listen to this song other than YouTube, you can buy it on itunes and listen on spotify !!
I love them for releasing this song 😭

Comment from : Ok But

Shawn Britta-Bellkimute
Thank you oh great and mystical YouTube algorithm for bringing me here!
Comment from : Shawn Britta-Bellkimute

Kht Marmoda
I dont want cryyy, Larryy love uu💖💖 i love this song!!💖💖💖 This mean so much
Comment from : Kht Marmoda

marcello helfenstein
For moments like these that make this series one of the best series of superheroes of today - Priceless !!!
Comment from : marcello helfenstein

Karolína Brabcová
Tbh, from the first time I saw that opening scene I loved that serie. Even tho characters weren't always perfect, this song opens some weird scars inside me, which just makes me cry every single time. The whole time I was forcing my friend to see Doom Patrol, so I could send him this song and know, if he feels the same way..as me, as that characters. (He was as broke inside as me)...but now he's gone and I'll never know, if this would just make his day. But I like to believe so...
Comment from : Karolína Brabcová

Betty Shepard
This song so much speaks out to my grandson ,hang in there buddy , I love you grandma ❤️👵🏼💜
Comment from : Betty Shepard

The_Og_ Dirk_Diggler
Oh this? This is beautiful.
Comment from : The_Og_ Dirk_Diggler

His voice!!! Oh, Mr. Negative Man!♡♡
Comment from : Mercedes

Junior Costa
You is good Kelly Clarson but, that was amazing.
Comment from : Junior Costa

Grape Ape
Cliff and the little boy dancing made me smile.
Comment from : Grape Ape

This and "I think we're alone now" from UMBRELLA ACADEMY where my musical highlights on "TV" 2019
Comment from : MisterVader

Bewenet Semu
Thank you kelly clarkson.
Comment from : Bewenet Semu

someone awesome
I showed my friend this scene without context and he said "how could it be anywhere near real" I said "he's in a drag cabaret in a sentient town that thrives off party energy why wouldn't a situation like this be possible?"
Comment from : someone awesome

Borgatiger Games
Best series of 2019:
1-Doom Patrol
2-The Boys
3-The Witcher
4-His Dark Materials
5-The Expanse

Comment from : Borgatiger Games

alice wonders
This song is the LGBT community theme song
Comment from : alice wonders

Admit it. We all think our karaoke was this awesome.
Comment from : catsamurai16

I don't sing.
Comment from : jotabeas22

Jeager Kej
Kinda bullshit that this didn't actually happened, could have been something.
Comment from : Jeager Kej

None Ya
That's the Very Very Very Bestest Bestest Bestest Song I've ever heard Sung in my life, Ever Ever Ever till the end of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : None Ya

Daniel Marson
That was powerful AF
Comment from : Daniel Marson

Betty Shepard
To my grandson Brendan❤️👵🏼💜
Comment from : Betty Shepard

John Howells
I love this scene
And love this version way more than the original.
It’s so powerful
I know I’m not alone in that this song speaks deeply to your soul
And not that anyone cares but it was only when I met my wife that I ever accepted that it was ok to be who I was
I just wish I found that out years ago...

Regardless it’s a great scene and a powerful message

Thank you to DC and doom patrol for putting this out

It really spoke to me

Comment from : John Howells

Unoriginal Name
“ I don’t sing”
Comment from : Unoriginal Name

Jim Halpert
One of the many moments I cried during this show..😔
Comment from : Jim Halpert

Emmet Stone
Danny's Street is the kind of town I would love to live in
Comment from : Emmet Stone

Gator the pimp
This scene alone is the reason why these shows are so much better than anything on the CW.
Comment from : Gator the pimp

orbit zone
i got chills every fucking time!!!
Comment from : orbit zone

Jinx Flames
Ok y’all I know it’s sad learning that he didn’t actually sing, but if you finish the episode, When Danny teleports away, Larry is in the middle of singing karaoke! So he did find the courage to do it! Sure it wasn’t the dream he had, but it’s important to remember he did it.
Comment from : Jinx Flames

Cool Boy
Ow' Danny (3
Comment from : Cool Boy

Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
Honestly I still prefer the original. Kelly Clarkson is great! So this is the video that everyone is raving about?
It was okay but I couldn’t feel the emotion. It didn’t sound empowering to me

Comment from : Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

Elena 08
Idk but this song makes me so happy !😫❤️
Comment from : Elena 08

kyuranger Rider
I'm not OK with people doing drag all the time it's that those is one very less are that it shows a form of Jack them OK with see this rather has a double life C when hes L and with people he does not do dragged up a key like C gestures by a woman sometimes
Comment from : kyuranger Rider

Weldon the dork
No your crying
Comment from : Weldon the dork

This is such a catchy song
Comment from : PhilboLaggins

Sergi String
This cheers me up every fucking time, so much better than the original!
Comment from : Sergi String

Roger Duplease
Okay but is there a karaoke version of this for karaoke night? I need it. ASAP
Comment from : Roger Duplease

Tim Tam
My problem with the show is that its way too long.
Comment from : Tim Tam

Can’t my boy Larry be happy just once pls DC ;_;
Comment from : octavio

Yuuto_the_kitty :3
I love this song so much I love it as much as I love Larry owo
Comment from : Yuuto_the_kitty :3

Can't stop watching/listening to this scene/song. So many emotions!! Also that note at 2:37 DAYUM!
Comment from : Gráinne

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Bruhhhhhhh, I just realized that the actor who plays Larry is fucking Bryce Larkin from Chuck, and the crazy thing is, I just started rewatching Chuck, while I'm also watching Doom Patrol, and now, I can't fucking unsee him as Bryce Larkin 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Obi-Wan Kenobi

Sharil Shahed
The 133 dislikes are the ones just disappointed it's not real.
Comment from : Sharil Shahed

Joe LaBallister
It's so hard to pick just one part of this show that was this best, but if I had to pick one, this is it loo
Comment from : Joe LaBallister

Betty Shepard
Damn, you are so good looking ❤️👵🏼💜
Comment from : Betty Shepard

Wanna take a walk on "Danny-the non binary living street "!! Love DOOM PATROL😉
Comment from : Dayanira

Amornkarn tadadlt
Comment from : Amornkarn tadadlt

Ben Grant Lockwood
I loved any scene with Larry, but this was probably my favorite
Comment from : Ben Grant Lockwood

chris rice
hey marvel and dc this how you do a comic show
Comment from : chris rice

chris rice
it pitty he only sings after hebeats the guy
Comment from : chris rice

Arjun Bhat
This entire series was Beautiful.....until the last episode.

Found the last one weird. But this one won my heart.

Comment from : Arjun Bhat

Gator the pimp
And this is why these shows are so much better than anything on the CW
Comment from : Gator the pimp

Amartya Roy
Wait he played Bryce on Chuck?
Comment from : Amartya Roy

Ashvith Shetty
That last dialogue made my heart break...
As if he lost his hope..

Comment from : Ashvith Shetty

Betty Shepard
Love you Matt Bomer ❤️👵🏼💜
Comment from : Betty Shepard

When I saw the scene in the episode I hated it, too theatrical, too much blingbling, then I saw the scene again on Youtube and I liked it, the more I see it the more I like the song and I find it very sad and regrettable that it's just a fantasy of Negative Man and he doesn't really sing, but at the same time it's one of his strongest and most emotional scenes in the show. On the one hand it's unfortunate that he doesn't really sing, on the other hand it says a lot about his character.
Comment from : damonos

Romulus The Maine Coon
I'd love a music video with Thomas Barrow's journey set to this song...
Comment from : Romulus The Maine Coon

Gabe Stein
The original song was far better than this. With an even better meaning. This show is also great example and what's wrong with modern media Society always wanting gay peps and wogs
Comment from : Gabe Stein

Romulus The Maine Coon
Matt Bomer's smile at 2:57 is everything!! This scene breaks my heart then heals it and breaks it again...and I can't stop replaying it!
Comment from : Romulus The Maine Coon

Sascha David
wow this song is so nice and very wonderfull i love this Karaoke song :)
Comment from : Sascha David

Javier Melgar
This whole episode was amazing.
Comment from : Javier Melgar

baishakhi karmakar
Best episode of doom patrol
Comment from : baishakhi karmakar

Daniel S
EVERY shit fucking Human are same 🏳️‍🌈♥️👦🏾❤️
Comment from : Daniel S

3:24 breaks my heart every time.
Comment from : henchmen999

Sr. Milagre
Caralho que música foda
Comment from : Sr. Milagre

This show is fantastic! Unfortunately I feel much ppl won't watch, but I'm glad I see all these comments of others enjoying these great episodes with me!
Comment from : Link918

Andrea How
Help, I can't stop watching this awesome video 😭💕
Comment from : Andrea How

I'm straight as an arrow, and I love everything about this scene and show
Comment from : AL-X BERLANGA

Easily the best version of the song
Comment from : NerdWana

Liam Jacques
All the haters are the bureau of normalcy
Comment from : Liam Jacques

I like this version more then the original :)
Comment from : OmgWtfeyLoL

George Stan
when i watched this episode i actualy rewind this song 3 times . sounds AWSOME
Comment from : George Stan

Rahul Kale
Doom Patrol is so good !!! 💗
Comment from : Rahul Kale

Marlin Rando
God im gay for Matt Bomer
Comment from : Marlin Rando

Sara Tas
2:57 love his smile and look <3
Comment from : Sara Tas

Is there Adore Delano in the background? :D

ps: I'm not crying, you are : , )

Comment from : LamiaSage

Daniel Bautista
Imagine this song is sung in TITANS..

Raven would sing along

Comment from : Daniel Bautista

Cynical Brandon
This show is so perfect dude
Comment from : Cynical Brandon

Best superhero show since daredevil. This is a perfect show!
Comment from : bearhow

Me in that moment was like:I'm not crying, i'm not crying.
Comment from : V O

Betty Shepard
Love you Matt Bomer ❤️👵🏼💜
Comment from : Betty Shepard

lightning boi
See? No one hates gay, trans, Islamic, black characters. It's just that butt hurt losers make characters to represent their selfish beliefs. Look at Negative Man.

He's not the gay character, he's a character who happens to be gay.

Comment from : lightning boi

Derek Hughes
Probably my favorite part in the first season.
Comment from : Derek Hughes

Shannon Michael
One of my favorite scenes from this show of all time. Very well done. Only sad thing was that he didn’t actually go up there and sing. He never made the choice to.
Comment from : Shannon Michael

Peter Simon
Im fucked up! Why does It has to be false
Comment from : Peter Simon

This show is great, I loved Titans and someone told me Doom Patrol was better, but I figured how good can a superhero show with a bunch of z-list heroes be? They managed to make a great show that's isn't the infernal drudge of the normal hero tropes. I loved this scene, it speaks to everyone, we've all struggled with the difference between how we see ourselves and who we'd like to be vs who we are in practice. "It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us".
Comment from : NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark

Станислав Стафеев
Слушал я оригинал. Актёры лучше поют
Comment from : Станислав Стафеев

Tracy Connor
Sounds alot better then the original
Comment from : Tracy Connor

Alexandru AB
God, the comments make everything perfect!!!!
Comment from : Alexandru AB

Sides How
it was crazy how good that was. i was pretty bummed it wasnt real
Comment from : Sides How

What a show this is
Comment from : mufcbenm

Flavia Lopes De Almeida Fernandes
tem br aqui
Comment from : Flavia Lopes De Almeida Fernandes

Le QG des Supers
I LOVED SOOOOOO MUCH this show 😍😍 it was awesome so hyped for season 2 🤤. Robot man is just AWESOME and Larry too
Comment from : Le QG des Supers

sraban mehedi rahul
Danny the street jumped here
Comment from : sraban mehedi rahul

Carl de la Paz
Growing up I had two friends on the spectrum and i think this is what they felt for way long, conservative parents and school and all. It is so great that mainstream media is embracing the community so much more now. Also look at Larry Marvel this is how you do a complex gay character (not talking about negasonic teenage warhead).
Comment from : Carl de la Paz

Hand Banana
This is way too relatable, and I'm not even a drag queen or a negative energy spirit host :(
Comment from : Hand Banana

gillian o'brien
Love this video. And soon patrol.
Comment from : gillian o'brien

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