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Brendan Boyd
This song is very decent
Comment from : Brendan Boyd

English speaking and funny
Don't run away,
Comment from : English speaking and funny

Eric Lee
BULLING YOU THINK YOUR SO COOL! The boy you just bullied for being bold, he has cancer. The girl you just called ugly, she is homeless. The old women you just laughed at, she died a hour later. The man you made fun of for having ugly scars, He fought for our country. the girl you just called fat, she’s on a diet. That girl you just called ugly, spends hours putting on makeup hoping people will like her! If you go against bulling re-post this.
Comment from : Eric Lee

Di Bn
Love persists even in darkness...
Comment from : Di Bn

Chester Didzena
I'll love u now but i just don't care right now
Comment from : Chester Didzena

Albert Jay Quitugua
Everyone calls me a "Angel" at school and I tell them they are wrong they said I am I showed my dark side now they call me "satan" or "demon" and I don't mind so no one wanted to hang out with me anymore till I found true people and one loved me no matter how angry I got now since they know my dark side they will love me cuz they know they have one it may not be as bad as mine but I know I will always protect them with all I got
Comment from : Albert Jay Quitugua

Ashley Martinez
Check you later
Comment from : Ashley Martinez

Alpha Marina
Wow. This song is so personal...

I tried to kill myself when I was 15 and my school kicked me out because of it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my confidante betrayed me and left me to crash and burn on my own. I transferred schools sophomore year and found a confidante in a teacher. Unfortunately he left. Fast forward a couple years and I found someone else who’s been through tough times. I want to trust him but I’m worried that he’ll leave me like my confidante did. He made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to leave me. However, I have trust issues and have a hard time trusting not only him, but other people.

Comment from : Alpha Marina

Ruby Bites
I just discovered this song and it hit me hard.

When I first joined internet communities I met someone to who I trusted everything, until she couldn’t handle my small mistakes and betrayed me. Friends couldn’t handle my breakdowns mostly because I didn’t understand my own emotions, some tried to make me leave, others turned harsh.

Four years later, I’m happy to announce I’m in a 16+ months relationship with an amazing woman with who I can breakdown in front of, she doesn’t have all answers on the word, but she is patient enough to not give up on me. I’m starting to trust people again.

I direct this to who may be reading this, feeling in an empty, dark hole. I know this hurts, I know it has for a long while, but things will get better. Please don’t give up.

Comment from : Ruby Bites

donna hookem
You already know !
Comment from : donna hookem

Ashley 11:11
Comment from : Ashley 11:11

Aleks Langdon
Xavier Plympton, Psycho Kid, ect. Need I say more?
Comment from : Aleks Langdon

Aubrey Lee
This song used to be my theme song. I have such a bad temper. When my boyfriend and I started dating a couple weeks ago, I warned him that my temper was terrible and really hard for me to control. He just said "Sweetheart, you're dating a redhead. You're temper won't be a problem."😊
Comment from : Aubrey Lee

Sintalia Ariella
This song is legit helping with my ptsd
Comment from : Sintalia Ariella

Midnightskye 56
2012 fam where you at?
Comment from : Midnightskye 56

Lucy Graves
This beautiful song reminds me of Eclipsa from Star vs the Forces of Evil!!!!
Comment from : Lucy Graves

Oh. My. God. I didn't realize i would remember this song when i haven't heard it in years. I didn't even know it til hearing the chorus!💙💙😮😊
Comment from : LorraineFire

Demon Fox Studios
The 298 people who disliked don't wanna admit their dark side.
Comment from : Demon Fox Studios

Mish E
I can't stay. You're abusive and your ripping me apart.
Comment from : Mish E

Adorable Nurse :3
your a bad guy, but that doesn’t mean your a bad guy.

Wreck it Ralph

Comment from : Adorable Nurse :3

Julie Gogola
My favorite song by Kelly Clarkson
Comment from : Julie Gogola

Sarah Deh Cat
There's a place, that i know My mind
Its not pretty there and few have ever gone My best friend has seen it

If i show it to you now, will it make you run away Think i'm weird or want attention, pity me or not understand. Be annoyed

Or will you stay Please, i need any friend i can get. Don't leave

Even if it hurts You'll be mentally drained and tired. Upset with me at times.

Even if i try to push you out if you return Think you don't really understand and will leave me and think i'm weak and pathetic

Please remind me who i am Loved and cared for. Understood and not judged

Everybody's got a dark side Anxiety

Do you love me? Can you love mine Do you want my broken pieces? Will you stay with me even if i'm not perfect?

Nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it, you know that we're worth it Everybody's got their problems but we can still be loved, right?

Will you love me, even with my dark side Do you want my fragile heart?

Like a diamond, from black dust, hard to know what will become if you give up I'm scared of many things that keep me from my dreams; singing on stage and being myself all the time
So don't give up on me Don't say i'm too much of a handful. I know i am, but stay anyway. Show you care for me and wont leave me

Please remind me who i really am Respected and not alone

Everybody's got a dark side Low self-esteem

Do you love me? Can you love mine? Do you want to stay with my worries and doubts?

Nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it. You know we're worth it Everyone has their issues but we can still be cared for, right?

Do you love me? Even with my dark side? Do you still love me and my emotionally unstable heart?

Don't run away I feel alone already

Just tell me that you will stay That's all i want to hear

Promise me you will stay And don't break it cause it will also break my heart

Comment from : Sarah Deh Cat

The TGacha
2012~ few have only joined the darkside
2018-2019~ because of alan walkers song millions of people join

Comment from : The TGacha

Michael Onley
loving it #goku x vegeta this is there fall in love song 4sure # don't hate I'm straight but I luv fanfiction of these two #2019 all we need is love b nice everyon1 k u'll be so much happier lol😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Comment from : Michael Onley

Loretta Head
I love this🙋
Comment from : Loretta Head

reminds me of aph Russia and now my heart hurts
Comment from : Trifectum

Just Bread Inside
2:20 me when I'm chaining in pokemon oras
Comment from : Just Bread Inside

Beatriz Ma
Personality disorder anthem.
Comment from : Beatriz Ma

Ran mion
2019 anyone?
Comment from : Ran mion

Xavier Golestani
eat my three week nuggets from burger king that have many mold things in it so die.
Comment from : Xavier Golestani

sandra Ferrington
Great song kelly
Comment from : sandra Ferrington

Angela Sweet
You can fall in love and cry during this song I should know I have😇💔😭
Comment from : Angela Sweet

Jenna S
Comment from : Jenna S

Queen Elsa
This is true, everyone does. I have a dark side
Comment from : Queen Elsa

DestinyMia Malave
Facts to this song
Comment from : DestinyMia Malave

Wolf Child
I love this Song
Comment from : Wolf Child

This radiates Anxceit vibes.
Comment from : S.S.U.Q

Tina Petreshock
this song is my life
Comment from : Tina Petreshock

Violette Jennings
Guess what time it is? Time for me to make a Sanders Sides animatic with this song!
Comment from : Violette Jennings

Hriata Chhangte
Comment from : Hriata Chhangte

Jihu 312
When i was 7 i though
Katty perry sing it.....

Comment from : Jihu 312

Panda Lover666
my mom said this song reminds her of me 😰😰😰
Comment from : Panda Lover666

yoora chen
I have a very bad dark side and i hope that no one see it but the thing is i can't control it
Comment from : yoora chen

Crystal Boulware
We all have a dark side
Comment from : Crystal Boulware

tiffany nathasingh
Oh yes I will love it dark side as much as it light. Derek I are my love a strong handsome caring man. I love u.
Comment from : tiffany nathasingh

Kasey Kilian
All we can do is hope Tik Tok doesn’t find this
Comment from : Kasey Kilian

Amal Abdel'hamid
This song reminds me of the males in Fairtail, then Erza. But in Naruto this song applies to them all. They all r driven by anger some moments and get taken over by it at one poun have those around the, that care and help them through it.
Comment from : Amal Abdel'hamid

venisia K
It feels like Danerys Targeryan wrote this song.
Comment from : venisia K

Inbar Reuben
I have to go somewhere in two minutes, I'm listening to this x2 speed because it's worth it
Comment from : Inbar Reuben

Julie Laland
Yeah everyone have been in the darkside sometimes!💔 but now we are on the lightside again and it feel's good!❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Julie Laland

Barbungar Mora Sealo
Be great, be kind, but protect yourself, don't let people push you around and then maybe we will be equals.
Comment from : Barbungar Mora Sealo

kimberly s
This song is so underrated!
Comment from : kimberly s

Abbi Gare
Listening to this after hearing my baby brothers funeral song... 💔💔😔😭
Comment from : Abbi Gare

Khaliyah Mccumber
Though some people were my best friends and then they left me when I started going through rough and dark times and left me by myself , moral of the story if someone has left you through those time to fight by yourself those people don’t deserve you and they weren’t real anyway so keep your head up 💘
Comment from : Khaliyah Mccumber

Is anyone else kind of uncomfortable with how clearly you can hear her breathing??
... No just me? OK then
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great song, just the extremely clear breathing especially in the beginning kind of bothers me a bit 😅

Yeah ok, sorry I'm wierd, I'll shut up now... And yeah in general great song 😅❤️

Comment from : Nope

chocolate heart
This song is literally me everytime a person wants to know more about me
Comment from : chocolate heart

Girly Gamer
Everyone has a dark side or inner demons
But what matters is
How strong we are?
Bc I’m not

Comment from : Girly Gamer

Scottnikki Klein
Love it
Comment from : Scottnikki Klein

Scottnikki Klein
Yes I will even me
Comment from : Scottnikki Klein

Kj McDow
Knuckled kristin & AJ’ed pinky
Comment from : Kj McDow

aesthetic rose
i listened to this like 182947402720481017494729182746493004000003746574 years ago and remembered it :P
i listened to it from a my little pony music video (toy version) because i loved it and i was obsessed with it
ahh the memories <333

Comment from : aesthetic rose

Dawn Cooper
100 likes if this song reminds you of Virgil from Sander sides ?
Comment from : Dawn Cooper

Ellie Gem
I was obsessed with this song it's what I only would listen to. guess i'm out of it
Comment from : Ellie Gem

Rosalee Spadacene
I love this song its amazing
Comment from : Rosalee Spadacene

Rosalee Spadacene
2019 anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Rosalee Spadacene

ทัชดล ธนพัชรโกศล
im cry!
Comment from : ทัชดล ธนพัชรโกศล

soul journey
even youre lies or youre true i love them all...☺AmndaRysy and thats my darK Side cuz,your All of mE.... that loves All of yUO that loves every fiber of youre being
Comment from : soul journey

Secretly Darth Vader loves this song.
Comment from : ImaSpaceFish

Samantha Marcotte
Any my hero academia/Boku no hero academia fans thinking of Todoroki?
Comment from : Samantha Marcotte

I have a dark side. I tend to basically become a villian bc sometimes, its painful to always stay a hero, gotta be bad sometimes.
Comment from : Monotail

Yoon Yoon
Reminds me of Lee Hyuk and Oh Sunny of The Last Empress😢
Comment from : Yoon Yoon

rachel sweet
😒will u stay!!!!!!
Comment from : rachel sweet

This song seems look "someone like us", someone just the word of song. You are so geniuses! 😁
Comment from : Peace

Yes , we do love you. 😉
Comment from : Peace

Comment from : JK KIMNAO

cool pro gaming
I thought u mean Alan walker dark side :p
Comment from : cool pro gaming

This takes me back
Comment from : Darknightumbreon

Esther lehr
For my husband
Comment from : Esther lehr

Esther lehr
Fighting til I can't fight no more Ill stay no matter how bad it get or how it hurt me
Comment from : Esther lehr

Abby Fortuno
Yes will stay and love you I promise. my11:11
Comment from : Abby Fortuno

Meryem Sehbal AVCI
Amazing song and relax melody
Comment from : Meryem Sehbal AVCI

I’ve been diagnosed with depression. At 12. It’s hard, and I try to brush it off like, no big deal, (explaining my name..) And my friends don’t really understand me. It’s hard, and i’m just trying to get through life...
I’ve got a side like this. Even though I seem like smile and rainbows.

Don’t give up on life, people. <3

Comment from : iiAestheticPanada

Rachel Schmudlach
5 likes and I will sing this to my crush

(Jk I'm singing this to him either way)

Comment from : Rachel Schmudlach

lyha scarlet
Comment from : lyha scarlet

Since everyone's taking about fandoms, RWBY anyone? I think this would fit Blake best
Comment from : AmberTamba

joy july
Can taylor or katy sing like that?yet they’re more popular than kelly
Comment from : joy july

Makalla Falco
"Nobody is picture perfect" that got me right in the heart❤😥
Comment from : Makalla Falco

Samantha Wells
I'm really wanting to have sex with my boyfriend but he's not speaking to me I don't know so yeah
Comment from : Samantha Wells

Shabrina Hana
Comment from : Shabrina Hana

little psycho
youuu areee so cool
Comment from : little psycho

I have a dark side and a few has seen it but I always act claim around peoples so they don't see it
Comment from : wolf

sue carrigan
I would never have ever walked away from You and the kids, just as I would never expect you to walk away from mine you see they come as a package, its imperative we do right by all of our kids, our love is already settled ,
Comment from : sue carrigan

Chris Gomez
I love Glee version better
Comment from : Chris Gomez

sue carrigan
Of course I can love you and yours, it been a very long time to prove my worth, I can but try , what you must realise is that I have 2 boys of my own, they are my most precious gifts, so I must see your kids in the same way, their mum heald them dear to her heart so I must do what’s right by her
Comment from : sue carrigan

Bruna BB
Me talking with bae about my kinks
Comment from : Bruna BB

Jona 3629
Yes the same here sounds like pink wow good song kelly shit i know this i have a dark side i been battling for years another song to challenge my inner dark side thanks kelly
Comment from : Jona 3629

... I just genuinely love this song.
Comment from : jackmichael285

shilpi agrawal
Comment from : shilpi agrawal

2018 remember this from high school days 💖
Comment from : Crescent

Rosalee Spadacene
Nice Song
Comment from : Rosalee Spadacene

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