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Dianne Isles
This time when I listened to this, it instantly hit me right on the feels.i found out my husband cheated on me.the other woman admitted it.i maybe crying a river now but promises myself to brave all these mishaps.i have to be brave.you cant put a good woman down.god i feel so broken right now. :(
Comment from : Dianne Isles

Marla Malkin
pretty sure the kiss was at a halloween party then the boy turns back into Casper The Friendly Ghost and he scares all the other kids and then Mr. Harvey and Wendy dance in the end. I'm not sure if her name name is Wendy or Kat?
Comment from : Marla Malkin

Marla Malkin
also BTR's song Count On You also reminds me of Casper, you know the movie where the ghost and the girl are friends then fall in love and kiss in the end. Sorry i did not mean to spoil anything in the movie.
Comment from : Marla Malkin

Marla Malkin
this song gets me PUMPED UP UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Comment from : Marla Malkin

Ange Lia
This song helped me with anxiety. 💖
Comment from : Ange Lia

Naga Nageswaran
they dont make songs like this no more
Comment from : Naga Nageswaran

Gacha Dawn
I wanna see you be brave!
Comment from : Gacha Dawn

Jonathan Farelas
Y’all be brave cause yolo my g
Comment from : Jonathan Farelas

Feline Fern
I just read a bunch of comments and now I feel very bad for feeling sorry for myself because of my small issues. :(

But honestly I don't know if my issues are small and I'm just overdramatic or if they're actually problems.

I need to draw a meme about my confusing life.

Comment from : Feline Fern

brianna dixon
Comment from : brianna dixon

lovely_berry used to be S1n Sa1nt
I've told the truth last night, nothing but the truth and only the truth, my mom threatened to disown me and yelled that she wasn't my mother anymore
Comment from : lovely_berry used to be S1n Sa1nt

i don’t exist
i remember listening to this years ago.

damn i fell old...

Comment from : i don’t exist

anahi alvarado
This song makes me confident about everything
Comment from : anahi alvarado

Daniel Larson
Vary touching and powerfull song. We want you back.
Comment from : Daniel Larson

Josh H
Jesus loves you beyond expression, even when we've hurt each other and ourselves he still loves us. Talk to him, cry to him, get mad or whatever you would need to say, he wants to see you be brave. Love you guys.
Comment from : Josh H

Jaylyn Parker
If you want to be my friend click the like button let me know because my friend betrayed me and join the bully and now I have no one they bully me every single day I don't know what to do no more but this song made me strong
Comment from : Jaylyn Parker

Keila Perez Lopez
have you seen 2019?
Comment from : Keila Perez Lopez

Gathana Jamatia
"2020" I'm dedicating this song to myself 🐤🖤
Comment from : Gathana Jamatia

Lupita Galicia rojo
Anybody here from 2020
Comment from : Lupita Galicia rojo

random girl
Anyone listening to this in 2020
Comment from : random girl

Enayat Noori
Very nice 👍👌😊
Comment from : Enayat Noori

Romanoff Aicrag
Christine Reyes brought me here ❤️
Comment from : Romanoff Aicrag

Anixa Francis
it was complicated
Comment from : Anixa Francis

Anixa Francis
me: talking about my crush if he likes me

friend: cuts me [LIKE IN LINES]

friend:say what u wanna say pushes me to crush

me: thinking I'm not next to crush cuz my eyes closed

me:lets the words fall out

crush:walks away and blushes

me: curse u friend

Comment from : Anixa Francis

Heart Medic
Im still gonna be here until 2020
Comment from : Heart Medic

Leesyb 13
ok my hwol life is just dromoe left and right to the point that I did not questuin anymore but after I hered this song it started all over agane.
Comment from : Leesyb 13

TaheemPlays Roblox
My class mates are screaming this song im like “WTF IS GOING On” my classmates are like “I WONNA SEE YOU BE BRAVEeEeEeeEeE the boys are like “I hate these little brats
Comment from : TaheemPlays Roblox

Mickey Nanni
I found this song on my playlist, it's quite good to be honest. It has been six years after all, and many car rides too.
Comment from : Mickey Nanni

Addie Suggs
Be strong. Be brave. Be you.
There’s a book called, “The Way to Bea,” and they mention this song.

Comment from : Addie Suggs

Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner
2019 this is an old song but still wonderful
Comment from : Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner

Clarissa Chew
My favorite song
Comment from : Clarissa Chew

Robert Urssu
Fuck this song
Comment from : Robert Urssu

Jhoana Vigan
Comment from : Jhoana Vigan

Antonette tismo brought me here
Comment from : DYLAN LOVE PART

Grayson Gaming
I hate this song
Comment from : Grayson Gaming

Darcy Flynn
Am I the only one in 2019.....

just me? OK

Comment from : Darcy Flynn

lily b
Is it just me getting nostalgic at 12:50 p.m
Comment from : lily b

Siobhan McGregor
I did the big sing 2019 I had to sing this song and I had a solo place all the way to day what u wannabe say
Comment from : Siobhan McGregor

Brynlee Carey
Love it
Comment from : Brynlee Carey

Willa Warwick
There's this bully at school, and he is mean to me. I listened to this song and then when he told me to go to hell, I said, "Do you mean Tartarus or the fields of punishment?" He walked away.
Comment from : Willa Warwick

Fùdge ᴄᴀᴋᴇ
My grandma showed me this song because I used to get bullied at school and she died Dec 6...and she showed me this dec 4th bc she new her day was coming 😫😞😢
Comment from : Fùdge ᴄᴀᴋᴇ

haidyn Davis
I found out antwone my ex-boyfriend just moved away I know I need to stay strong and not let a boyfriend break my heart and make me sad until I get another one 💔
Comment from : haidyn Davis

Anita1 Sakoor
Good song
Comment from : Anita1 Sakoor

Sassy K719
I am 17 years old very brave
Comment from : Sassy K719

Noriedette Bañez
November 2, 2019 anyone??? XD
Comment from : Noriedette Bañez

Indira Solis
i haven't listened to this song in yrs but when i finally did weeks ago, my tears just started falling like crazy. being sensitive sucks. i just never tell anyone how i really feel. i just decide to keep everything locked up thinking that it'll be better that way. i'm afraid to open up to ppl.
Comment from : Indira Solis

Christina Lubumad
Comment from : Christina Lubumad

SPC boyZ Gaming
Thunder blitz your so nice
Comment from : SPC boyZ Gaming

Hahaha saying what I wanna say makes everyone hate me :)
Comment from : MissesKitty

Daunte uflay
omg the nostalgia
Comment from : Daunte uflay

Ocean Gacha
The people you bulliy are the people that are behind trigger❤💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💙💜🖤🖤💙🖤💙💙🖤💙🖤💙
Comment from : Ocean Gacha

More GPC
Comment from : More GPC

Abby Thoreson
It's ok to cry, tears are brave, it takes courage to cry
Comment from : Abby Thoreson

Yolna Paul
The only reason why I know this song is because today in my health class they put this song on for bullying
Comment from : Yolna Paul

Shyla Stockdale
This is my chirstmas song for school!
Comment from : Shyla Stockdale

Glastine Russell
This has the same beat as Roar by Katy Perry
Comment from : Glastine Russell

Gajendra Yadav
"like" if you can connect to this song
Comment from : Gajendra Yadav

Dajuan Hodges
Look at the house on the market in the am so it will have to be a good fit for me and what I need to tell you 😉
Comment from : Dajuan Hodges

Dajuan Hodges
Love you too 😘
Comment from : Dajuan Hodges

Dajuan Hodges
Live in the am so it
Comment from : Dajuan Hodges

Meh name is Hailey
I love this song it was in my gotr vid
Comment from : Meh name is Hailey

Ashley Tolentino
I just wanna see you be Brave😊💪
Comment from : Ashley Tolentino

This song is for all the "shy" kids out there
Comment from : cutiediane2468

Allanah Greenlaw
Love this song
Comment from : Allanah Greenlaw

Lleona and Pearl Gaming
brave is my name😁😁
Comment from : Lleona and Pearl Gaming

Amanda Rendon
Comment from : Amanda Rendon

Keira Kent
Comment from : Keira Kent

Shrubaboti Bose
This song seems like any other beautiful song until you hear the words separately and they touch the right chords somewhere inside you. You start singing along only to find yourself relating and choking up with emotions you didn't know you had.
Comment from : Shrubaboti Bose

Comment from : Tyron_Cruisvlog

Sophia Huynh
My friend Mimi left me since 1st grade so sad she and jasmine were best friends then in 2nd grade we met each other and then we are in 3rd grade and we met Phưong and the emoji is my period 😴
Comment from : Sophia Huynh

Ying Sim
It’s reminds me of roar
Comment from : Ying Sim

issa phae
nobody asked but this makes me think of my school trip to boston back in 2014 - shy 6th grade me had a real soft spot for this song
Comment from : issa phae

Julia Hooper
I had to listen to this before I told my mom that my dad had been hurting me (in ways I don’t feel comfortable sharing) and this song and my friends mom who I texted the whole time really helped me do it. Don’t worry, she’s going to get a divorce in a few months! She promised but rn she’s in a sling. I also listened to this song before coming out as a lesbian. It helped then too! I’m a Christian so it was EXTREMELY hard but I did it! All with a little help from this song ❤️
So the next time you need to be brave, listen to this song, I promise it’ll help!

Comment from : Julia Hooper

Rose heart wc
I'm such a dork😝😝😝😝😝XD
Comment from : Rose heart wc

Ariane Delorme
The music video though made me laugh. I want to dance like that in public one day:)
Comment from : Ariane Delorme

Dwts Ocpaa
Sara I just want to see you be brave
Don daiblo I’m brave
Dummies go the 2019 anyone

Comment from : Dwts Ocpaa

Sophia Huynh
I hate unicorns and one time I chopped off a unicorns head off hahahahahahahahahahah the unicorn was so lame anyway I am a girl but I am tomboy my name is Sophia Huynh my school is excelsior Elementary School I am in 3rd grade and my favorite color is black blue and dark purple this is what I look like > 👮🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Sophia Huynh

Sophia Huynh
I like the part when they say SAY what you wanna say and the words fall out honestly I want to see be brave that was the best part ever.
Comment from : Sophia Huynh

Prratham Agarrwal
This is so good
Comment from : Prratham Agarrwal

Sophia Huynh
I love you guys who made this
Comment from : Sophia Huynh

I love rain Like chocalate
Why can’t we have more happy motivational songs instead of depressing sounding songs :/
Comment from : I love rain Like chocalate

haidyn Davis
This is the song my first ex-boyfriend broke up with me to. It was at school and I cried 😭. His name is antwone Davis. We both had the same last name I miss him so much. I wish that his friend wouldn't have told me that he was going to break up with me or I would still have a boyfriend today. I believe that it was antwone choice. Let him pick his decision.
Comment from : haidyn Davis

Maddie Warner
I am part of a school newspaper and we got into a big fight. So, for about a week every time we pasted each other in the hall we would just give each other the evil eye and walk past. Until I shared this video with everyone then we made peace and we are getting ready to release our first edition of the newspaper. Also, we are going to have a skit about the book "The Hundred Dresses" witch we read in class. Its about a girl that gets bullied and when she moves she gives the bullies presents and calls them her friends. :)
Comment from : Maddie Warner

Lt. Braen
Il say it now Jesus is not Yahweh son but Yahweh is the devil, who worshiped that devil will live in the darkness, suffering and never ending fear. Yahweh is the devil behind the Targeted Individual psychological torture program
Comment from : Lt. Braen

Oliver Adams
Who ever loves this song thumbs up
Comment from : Oliver Adams

Jason Cairo
i really like it! i think i am going to use it for an school assembly.
Comment from : Jason Cairo

Y Gho
When isn’t this inobviosly guessable in point of final unsurpassment of the omnicently unspecified unaccounted mass hypocrisy top bitch??
Comment from : Y Gho

R5 fan forever
I have a condition where i always feel like hurting myself and this song always helps me get though
Comment from : R5 fan forever

Chad Smith
Comment from : Chad Smith

Erin Manion
Gosh I remember listening to this song all the time when I was in middle school
Comment from : Erin Manion

Who esle saw taco bell commerical when you clicked on this
Comment from : \\\Nyla_Skits\\\

Rose heart wc
Does this mean i can say cuss words in front of my parents and teacher.I was already upset when I started this and it just made me cry
Comment from : Rose heart wc

Beverly Hand
I will be brave to live seriously!
Comment from : Beverly Hand

EHdoesart Arty
I came right from TikTok
Comment from : EHdoesart Arty

Abdul Salman
This song really deserved a grammy
Comment from : Abdul Salman

Shannon Davidson
This jawn still a bop tho
Comment from : Shannon Davidson

Matthew Ng
Comment from : Matthew Ng

Julie is Rosiè
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 just crying 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : Julie is Rosiè

Monika Sienkiewicz
The best "freedom of speech" song.
Comment from : Monika Sienkiewicz

Mila Scott
To everyone that has anxiety, depression, been bullied, felt self conscious, been hurt, hurt others, made mistakes that you’re still feeling guilty about, your hard on yourself, constantly feel like you’re not good enough, lost someone you loved wether they died or you just lost contact. Well I just want you to know that you are BRAVE! You are wonderful, you aren’t perfect and that’s a good thing. Keep going and keep pushing past challenging obstacles. Like Miley Cyrus said, it’s not about how fast you get there or what’s waiting on the other side. It’s all about the CLIMB!
Comment from : Mila Scott

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