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Barbara Roberts
"Here's to the damned to the lost and forgotten it's hard to get high when your living on the bottom"."We are all misfits living in a world on fire...this is the life that we chose this is the life that we bleed so throw your fist in the air come out come out if you dare tonight we're going to change forever"..
Comment from : Barbara Roberts

Barbara Roberts
This is for we Americans having to live in "trump hell fire" right now.....we will get through it...and he shall be gone soon.
Comment from : Barbara Roberts

Jabbers B
Is it just me, or does it sound like she says "so throw your fish in the air!" Instead of "fists"?
Comment from : Jabbers B

This reminds me of the LGBTQ+ community and that the LGBTQ+ community sticks together no matter what anyone else says 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Comment from : GIRL GAMEMASTER

Bailey callahan
My friend group all is made up of people with a lot of cuts and bruises and their own stories. We may live on the bottom and we may be the damned, the lost, and the forgotten, but together we are chaos and we forget what it means to be sad.
Comment from : Bailey callahan

John Howells
This video is so old I doubt anyone will see this
But this song is so powerful
I know I’m not unique in this aspect

It was only when I met my wife that I realized it was ok to be who I was. I’ve spent over 20 years utterly terrified of being judged. This song can mean a lot of different thing to different people. Bottom line is I finally realized it’s ok to be who I am and there’s nothing wrong with me. So whoever is also listening to this, what this song says is true. Nothing lasts forever and it’s ok to be who you are

Comment from : John Howells

Danny the Street calls to us, my fellow misfits; who will join me
Comment from : sadlobster1

Jayme Dalbeth
I'm never alone! God is with me everywhere 😊☝️❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Jayme Dalbeth

Adella Hawes
This is my new favorite song I can not stop listening to this song I love it I can sing this all day and listen to the song all day.
Comment from : Adella Hawes

Fifth Gravity18
This song is the best
Comment from : Fifth Gravity18

David Urban
doom patrol version is better
Comment from : David Urban

Lori Harris
why did i just discover this song?
Comment from : Lori Harris

Micah Belton-Shivers
Me at school
Comment from : Micah Belton-Shivers

Tasha Lawan
Who's watching it in 2015?
Comment from : Tasha Lawan

Xavier Toscano
Nice vid, maybe you will also like my singing
Comment from : Xavier Toscano

First Last
Does anyone else thinks this kinda sounds like Hunger Games????
Comment from : First Last

Katsuki Bakugo / Shoyo Hinata
I write my book with this song. Past of Return a NaruSasu Fanfiction on Wattpad.com
Comment from : Katsuki Bakugo / Shoyo Hinata

Leslie Flick
Love this song like crazy
Comment from : Leslie Flick

Kaitlyn Thompson
My teacher played this after our conversation about faith and I told her that I self harmed
Comment from : Kaitlyn Thompson

Хэйли П
yes it does @carrieandhunter hayesandunderwood
Comment from : Хэйли П

sadistic frogman
At night in Afghanistan my buddies and I would sing listen and dance to this in our bunks. It was kind of dumb but hey we had fun doing it
Comment from : sadistic frogman

K Moore
That moment when you listen to this song after watching X-Men DOFP and suddenly it's like this song was written for those characters.
My theme song :)

Comment from : K Moore

@Nervly Pure nostalgia, Taco :D
Comment from : Shiranui

Michelle Evans
love this
Comment from : Michelle Evans

Just Normal
does anyone think this sounds like the walking dead? No? anyone? okay...walks to a corner and eats pizza
Comment from : Just Normal

Bri M
I'm going through a HUGE depression thing.. It's giving me scary thoughts and ideas.. So listening to this song, I can relate
♥ I feel better every time.

Comment from : Bri M

Sarah Ashley
Really powerful and inspirational song! This is definitely one of my theme songs!
Comment from : Sarah Ashley

Shelly Davis
god, blasting this song is so invigorating.
Comment from : Shelly Davis

Harry Potter anyone?
Comment from : Siberia101

Alexander Ehrenhalt
when I was in elementary - middle school I was the dammed, lost and forgotten this song has help close the wounds. my tears have turned into rage then into fury
Comment from : Alexander Ehrenhalt

hannah knipe
I love this song do you guys?
Comment from : hannah knipe

Kaitlyn McBroom
We are singing this song in my chorus class
Comment from : Kaitlyn McBroom

jennifer mehis
Oh thanks so much for this video I have a addition to this song!!!!!!! This was so helpful

Comment from : jennifer mehis

Macayla Watson
Love this song its so true
Comment from : Macayla Watson

Helena Rae
Comment from : Helena Rae

Anna Lotus
this describes me and my friends perfectly
Comment from : Anna Lotus

Ourworld Taylor
:(( This song recalls me about my friend she will never come back where i am :(( She was my BFF,my love,my mothergod...I dont know what to say
Comment from : Ourworld Taylor

Paranormal and Supernatural and other fun things
Attack on titan anyone?
Comment from : Paranormal and Supernatural and other fun things

Abby Casillas
It would fit Attack on Titan well too. Not as well as Angel Beats in my opinion.
Comment from : Abby Casillas

Julia Hildebrand
This is totally my theme song! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Julia Hildebrand

Comment from : syther872007

This song tortures me at work
Comment from : Rakashin7

Lydia Southworth
25 subscribers and I will do a cover of this song! I promise! Please subscribe to me. I want to do this song but I fell I shouldn't do it to an almost empty audience...  (I already have 20 subscribers... I just need five more to do this song!) People please subscribe! I have to make my goal of 100 subscribers by the end of the year and I already have over 60 videos... I will still post more videos it just seems pointless to make videos with less than 100 subscriber... Although that won't stop me!
Comment from : Lydia Southworth

Mariam Magare
Comment from : Mariam Magare

lee holman
here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten its hard to get high when your livin on the bottom <3
Comment from : lee holman

Gaia Hinamayuki
Comment from : Gaia Hinamayuki

amanda jeffery
This song explains me and I love that about it! I don't know why but I love the songs that explain me!
Comment from : amanda jeffery

Mark Gonzalez
i am a great fan of kelly clarksen
Comment from : Mark Gonzalez

Mark Gonzalez
omg she is an amazing singer 
Comment from : Mark Gonzalez

briany ross
<3 Here's to the damned to the lost and forgotten its hard getting high when you're living from the bottom <3
Comment from : briany ross

Ola Kowalska
i like this song
Comment from : Ola Kowalska

90210 90210
Oh oh oh we r all mist fist people living in this word
Comment from : 90210 90210

Emily King
Reminds me of Zuko
Comment from : Emily King

Gecko Queen
I'm gay and a geek so this song is my anthem.
Comment from : Gecko Queen

kawaii potato 2
All warrior ig accounts that have been hated need to listen to the song
Comment from : kawaii potato 2

sabryna valdez
To me and my team of misfits <3
Comment from : sabryna valdez

We all have the same beating heart .
Comment from : Faseeha

Ruby Yoo
Comment from : Ruby Yoo

Larissa Scheuber
its soooooooooooo a cool song!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Larissa Scheuber

Ocean Ray
my friend Abby is doing a slower version at our schools talent show :) she's so good. btw Abby.. you're better❤️
Comment from : Ocean Ray

The Great SteveO
We are all emo
going through chemo
but not for cancer
but for our dancer
we can't stop moving
have to keep grooving
oh baby oh lady
drive us bitches CRAZY!!

Comment from : The Great SteveO

This is a great song
Comment from : ICouldn'tThinkOfANameSoThisWillDo.

Nyasi Saya
I know what you're going through, and know you're not alone - I love this song xD so inspiring
Comment from : Nyasi Saya

Kate- bug
My literacy teacher played this for our core on the last day of school and now I cry every time I hear it😭😥😫
Comment from : Kate- bug

Rubi Zamora
I don't really like her she seems so fake
Comment from : Rubi Zamora

amritha sripathi
just love her
Comment from : amritha sripathi

Autumn Williams
Love this song
Comment from : Autumn Williams

Paola alvarez
Comment from : Paola alvarez

jasmine liu
I love this song
Comment from : jasmine liu

valenxa bby
"It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom." true
Comment from : valenxa bby

Awesomeness 101
Love it we are all mis
Comment from : Awesomeness 101

Iskandar Husain Khan
Beautiful song
Comment from : Iskandar Husain Khan

denis sirait
This song is better
Comment from : denis sirait

Tobi Rama
My friend Halle song this. she was really good
Comment from : Tobi Rama

Comment from : BluxynArt

Rosenna Davalan
I think she's talking about like a living hell. 

Comment from : Rosenna Davalan

Comment from : Pikazuchi

i love this song <3
Comment from : Sundance25

Sh Avery An
We all have something different about us. We all are unique. dont feel alone... Sometimes like me 
Comment from : Sh Avery An

Stephanie LasCasas
Favorite song
Comment from : Stephanie LasCasas

Mary Jane
@Sekite Uchiha hugs very tightly
Comment from : Mary Jane

love spiritmagic
they cant do nothing to you
they cant do nothing to me
this is the life that we choose 
this is the life that we bleed
so throw you fists in the air
come out come out if you dare 

Comment from : love spiritmagic

taylor cheema
"Keep your head up nothing lasts forever"
Comment from : taylor cheema

Shanna Möseneder
I love you
Comment from : Shanna Möseneder

katie donald
I love this song a lot
Comment from : katie donald

Faizz Watson
old but gold!
Comment from : Faizz Watson

What rhrow what all away
Comment from : MIGUEL ESPANA

Hey how old is she ? :-)
Comment from : MIGUEL ESPANA

She is the beatiful girl in the world
Comment from : MIGUEL ESPANA

Chris Xiong
The song is good and that's what u get? :) Kelly Clarkson rocks! 
Comment from : Chris Xiong

Halle Peloquin
Comment from : Halle Peloquin

avani banks
Love this song♥♥
Comment from : avani banks

God created me
Comment from : Beautyrush

Alannah Kimpel
this song comes on at the gym... great motivation... NOT. bawled my eyes out..
Comment from : Alannah Kimpel

Gracie M.
love love love love love love this song! its so amazing!
Comment from : Gracie M.

Christian Amador
Everytime I sing out loud, I begin to become scare if anyone is listening when people are around. FML
Why can't I get over this?

Comment from : Christian Amador

It's like this song was written just for The Hunger Games trilogy.
Comment from : Tizmoa

We all should understand what she is trying to convey from her song. She came from the bottom, but she has not forgotten her roots. We cannot ask her to come down and join the people at the bottom or the the middle but she remembers it, that the beauty. Unfortunately, America does not support or understand people who falls into the 47% of Americans who are struggling. We need to help each other, even when we are at the bottom. This lady was a waitress, I presume, but she has not forgotten it. Hats off to this beautiful human being, and I listen to this song several times when I want to. I am doing more than ok, and I do not need help, thank God,but I do care for people  who cannot help themselves, even when they try hard. I always wonder what money can do for you, apart from 3 meals. May be they can have  huge house, rich friends,  3 women for the night if they can handle . Then what....Body has its limitations, you cant beat it with money. What do we take when we die, not a single crap, even our useless body, that does not deserve a name, but just a name called "REMAINS". Life has no meaning, if we try to understand more about its final ending.
Comment from : Fastlane

Skye Scacchetti
One of the South High Marathon Dance songs! Great song
Comment from : Skye Scacchetti

Damayanti Tankha
i ♥ Kelly clarkson's voice!!!
Comment from : Damayanti Tankha

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