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vivi reremoana
thank you awesome song 2020
Comment from : vivi reremoana

Echodot 42
2020? Am I the only one?
Comment from : Echodot 42

People like us unite! Who else is still listening to this amazing song in 2020?

Btw I make music covers on my channel would appreciate if you could check it out :) have a great day ahead!

Comment from : cycrachel

Angal trae Laura
Your songs are so insperashonal keep it up kelly Clarkson's 😁😎
Comment from : Angal trae Laura

Danny !!!
Comment from : XP

Majid Abdullahi
99% comments: Doom Patrol 😳😬
Comment from : Majid Abdullahi

Sebastiaan Baan
Hello mevr Clarkson :-) Awesome song!
Comment from : Sebastiaan Baan

martin Grìmm
Ben you have the power
Comment from : martin Grìmm

martin Grìmm
For older transgenders in the world you have the power
Comment from : martin Grìmm

Only Marginal
You can do it Negative Man !
Comment from : Only Marginal

happy_ aphrodite
I came here after watching it since it was released. Kinda sad thoo it didnt get much recognition even though its such a great song😌💖
Comment from : happy_ aphrodite

Kelly Malicki
Dedicated to ALL who suffer from a mental illness whom are judged, discriminated against and persecuted simply for having an illness that is NOT THEIR CHOICE by those who choose to be Evil, Hateful and Selfish...those who choose to be Evil, Hateful and Selfish will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law, if not in this physical life, it will be for ETERNITY...so I ask those who chose to be Evil, Hateful and Selfish...which do you choose? Prosecution in this temporary life or prosecution in Eternity? Choose wisely....From those who suffer from mental illness and discrimination in this world...Haters, do you like our new wheels? God Bless all of those who struggle in life! I love ALL people who choose to LOVE as well.
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

someone awesome
I just love how this gorgeous song has been brought back :D
Comment from : someone awesome

amratt gill
Yrrrrr I just love this Woman 💜💜💜
Comment from : amratt gill

Everyone one here from doom patrol and I’m just like

Watching SAGA TikToks at 3 am

Comment from : Asinine

Woowww, spectacular change 4you!!! The melody, the message and... All!! Great performance 4 the beginning of 2020!!! THANKS!!! 👍💝💖🌹🍾🥂🎉🎊🎆🎇🎄🎁🎀


Monika Rubin
Damn! I started crying 🥺😭 This song is so beautiful!
Comment from : Monika Rubin

Reece Taylor
Okay yeah the Doom Patrol version is better but I don't hate this version
Comment from : Reece Taylor

My fight song
Comment from : Elle

Ava Hill
this song relates to chronic illness so much. even the music video relates- like how no one can understand what's wrong with you but the same issues are sometimes hidden in the people all around us because chronic illness is often invisible, and feels unrelatable. But we gotta stick together
Comment from : Ava Hill

dounia Meliàni
lets begin 2020 with this banger!
Comment from : dounia Meliàni

Brooklyn Howard
Sorry if I keep blowing up your phone but please get back to me and I can send you a video of me singing so bye
Comment from : Brooklyn Howard

Brooklyn Howard
Hey Kelly Clarkson it is so cool to talk to you I love you and your music my favorite song is people like us and I’m a great singer to
Comment from : Brooklyn Howard

This looks like the plot of a movie and I want it to be made with Kelly Clarkson
Comment from : 01emercado01

I love her. Been my supermodel for such a long time
Comment from : NatS

Neilton Paulo
Best v!be
Comment from : Neilton Paulo

Nate L
I remember this video because of the bmw lol
Comment from : Nate L

Maureen C
I sung this song for kareoke :)
Comment from : Maureen C

Skye Tyla Barry-wilby
For some reason I had a dream last night that Kelly and I was related weird I’m Australian and I haven’t listened to her music for awhile lol 😂
Comment from : Skye Tyla Barry-wilby

love kelly

Comment from : tidetide100

Darlla Freire
#Queremos A cantora Kelly Clarkson aqui no Brasil 💙💚💛💚💙💚😍😍😍🙏
Comment from : Darlla Freire

Amanda Fernandes
Só conheci essa música agora!!!
Comment from : Amanda Fernandes

Kelly Malicki
Actually someone with EMPATHY for me....thanks Kelly in the white coat...from the child in the video (me)....Don't forget the ending all...bring it on Haters, now who is out numbered?.....God bless you all...
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

Kelly Malicki
Are you a coward OR are your brave? Your choice, choose wisely. the TRUTH will set you FREE, not a lie, not blaming the innocent...I protect the INNOCENT, not the liars, not the haters, not the "mob" or the "click" who lie, not the lost....God Bless you all out there!...again, I am no longer your victim (the child in the video), I am now the Kelly in the white coat....
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

Kelly Malicki
If they knock you down, Just get right back up....Again, like my wheels?
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

Kelly Malicki
Happy Birthday Best of the Rest Friend....God Bless You!...1st My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, 2nd jsw, 3rd amf.....love you all so very much!
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

Kelly Malicki
There is the Light at the end of the tunnel. Treat everyone with Dignity and Respect! Love one another and forgive one another, HELP those in NEED!....I was that child in this video, now I am the Kelly in the white coat in that video...God Bless You all out there who struggle in life...KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, NOTHING LASTS forever...Nothing is black and white, well maybe the beautiful Panda Bear ha ha ha....Hey all of you out there...Do you like my Wheels? Love ya all...Trust in Him Above, HE IS YOUR FREEDOM!
Comment from : Kelly Malicki

What a hurricane!! She is so powerful !!
Comment from : GUNNER JOE

Robert Ramos
Everybody wins!
Comment from : Robert Ramos

Raí Soares
Dezembro de 2019 ?
Comment from : Raí Soares

Neil a
I didn’t know this song exist til doom patrol
Comment from : Neil a

Amy Martin
Anyone just here because they loved this song when it first came out?
Comment from : Amy Martin

Patricia Lebesa
December 2019
Comment from : Patricia Lebesa

Kally Han
Thanks Danny!
Comment from : Kally Han

Emma Meow
im here because of an lgbt tiktok video....
Comment from : Emma Meow

d v
Crap many people causes doom patrol here
Comment from : d v

What the hell is doom patrol someone please tell me
Comment from : FBI

gostei da parte da música em que diz que todo mundo enlouquece!...... NOTA : 8,5 ( lembram-se que é minha opinião )
Comment from : CRÍTICAS BRASIL

Robert Ramos
The best gift; the angelic sassy-classy-spitfire (Mrs.) Kelly Clarkson-from -down-South.... Texas ,baby 🤠
Comment from : Robert Ramos

Gintarė Šliumbaitė
Decembre 2019?☺👍
Comment from : Gintarė Šliumbaitė

Monika Galic
Comment from : Monika Galic

Yasmin the iron cheese 17
2019 anyone?
Comment from : Yasmin the iron cheese 17

Snjezana Damjanovic
Comment from : Snjezana Damjanovic

Jonathan  Ribeiro
Doom Patrol , thanks for me watch video clip <3
Comment from : Jonathan Ribeiro

Jaden Pretorius
Who else wasn't sent here and just came because they felt like it ?
Comment from : Jaden Pretorius

Debra Wallows
Nice song
Comment from : Debra Wallows

Klaryn Jansen van Rensburg
I love you so much ❤️💕😘
Comment from : Klaryn Jansen van Rensburg

Talli G.
I just love this song + the music video. Together = awesome. O and let's not forget Kelly Clarkson. Wow.
Comment from : Talli G.

syfy fangirl
Doom Patrol all the way ❤️
Thank you Danny the Street

Comment from : syfy fangirl

My most favorite hair style for girls 👍👏
Comment from : AE EA

I still remember when britney spears and Kelly clarkson looks just like barbie dolls
Comment from : XD张景荣

My favorite song of her's
Comment from : KJ

Santy Quiroz
Gracias Kelli Clarkson me gusta tu voz
Comment from : Santy Quiroz

Ladislav Makita
Doom Patrol Version was better
Comment from : Ladislav Makita

Riyad keen
5 Décembre 2019 ✊✊
Comment from : Riyad keen

Kenny Tomaszewski
We need a revolution worldwide
Comment from : Kenny Tomaszewski

Kenny Tomaszewski
My humanity sent me here
Comment from : Kenny Tomaszewski

Gaurav Bansal
End of 2019,still like this song though
Comment from : Gaurav Bansal

Galaxy Fox
What the fuck is doom patrol?! I just like this song lmao
Comment from : Galaxy Fox

Short Shots
I just clicked on this video out of curiosity and I do not regret it. This is going on 4 of my playlists. :3
Comment from : Short Shots

Matt Musicaddict
One of my fave songs by Kelly Clarkson, in my top 5 songs for sure.
Comment from : Matt Musicaddict

jessica souza
30 de novembro 2019
Comment from : jessica souza

Mike J
Your words, I fell like like they speak to me. Are you talking to me?
Comment from : Mike J

m. mache
The world best singer's song's preformer presentation powrfully voice in the world a Queens Kelly Clarkson stunning preformer songs techniques professionally professional Seleberity Artists singer's love it just in 10 times 10 billions like it 7 stars * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?
Comment from : m. mache

ye ni
Comment from : ye ni

Sarah Topaz Azzy
love watching Matt Boomer put his heart and soul singing this song with smile
in Doom Patrol . thank you:)la

Comment from : Sarah Topaz Azzy

I love this song and Kelly’s voice just wonderful ❤️🌸🌼
Comment from : SURA NASH

The Mun
Here from a tiktok compilation!
Comment from : The Mun

Thank you, Danny.
Comment from : JAY BEE

What the hell is doom portal?
Comment from : Skipper0622

m. mache
Official only not times westing thank you. ? Mo?
Comment from : m. mache

m. mache
The world best singer's song's Kelly Clarkson amazing tons beautiful gorgeous charming yong lady 200k odions screening crazy for you I Absolutely love it just in 10 times 10 billions like it 7 stars * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?
Comment from : m. mache

GamRGirlz Unite
A powerful song and an even more powerful video! I love the end where they pull up to an "all colorful" world and suddenly they become the outcasts. Lesson learned, don't meddle in other's lives or judge them without reason, or you may just end up the odd one out.
Comment from : GamRGirlz Unite

Loan Pham Mai Thanh
If this song was choose to be the theme song for the movie The darkest minds, that 's great.
Comment from : Loan Pham Mai Thanh

Roshan Oommen
Just scrolled through the comments and everyone is here from Doom Patrol
Comment from : Roshan Oommen

Silver Nightshade
Who’s here after doom patrol??
Comment from : Silver Nightshade

Doom Patrol brought me here
Comment from : Billy

Finally started watching doom patrol Danny the street sent me here
Comment from : BIG ZOE

Shreya Gajbhiye
so much product placement my god
Comment from : Shreya Gajbhiye

Geofones loyola
vim por Doom Patrol mais alguém
Comment from : Geofones loyola

Amornkarn tadadlt
Comment from : Amornkarn tadadlt

The Golden
How many views had this video before Doom Patrol?
Comment from : The Golden

Hari haran
Anybody here after hearing Larry Trainer
Comment from : Hari haran

Younes Ahmed Henni
We're all in dis bitch living in a world on fire
Comment from : Younes Ahmed Henni

m. mache
Kelly your preformer has been stopped because of Facebook advert okay. ? Mo?
Comment from : m. mache

Pierson Christensen
"This is not a funeral. It's a revolution after all your tears have turned to rage."
Comment from : Pierson Christensen

Cesar Augusto Grillo
Doom Patrol brought me here, who else?
Comment from : Cesar Augusto Grillo

TAINA da silva
kelly clarkson miss you worth
Comment from : TAINA da silva

m. mache
A QUEENS of the world music in the music industry a Queens Kelly Clarkson stunning preformer songs techniques professionally professional Seleberity Artists singer's I Absolutely love it honey I strongly recommend for Hollywood musical and drama movie I Absolutely love it that to including koy boy movie just in 10 times 10 billions like it 7 stars * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?
Comment from : m. mache

slime seros
Comment from : slime seros

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